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You are very Welcome to my web site. I am self-taught amateur photographer. I enjoy highlighting the simple things, sublimating a detail, playing with lines and shapes to approach, like a musical chord, ... harmony and balance.

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Fiore Pianta Jpeg fondale Pianta Jpeg Figlioletta biciclette campanile inferriata tronco spighe finestra balcone alle mura bitta_bn kite-surfing-tonnara

Notes from the Author

Here you can find a selection of my works divided by galleries.
It is also possible to order high quality prints of my works, if you like a photo on my gallery just click on it and it will open on bigger format, you can navigate through my galleries using the arrows and in the top left of the page you have a buy button from where you can order prints of my works, both photographic and fine art prints are offered to purchase.
In case you want framed prints or you want to buy through a different channel just click on Buy Prints menu or on fine art prints sub menu, two external expert printing and framing services are provided from there.
If you decide to buy, printing will be made from higher resolution original files .

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